Welcome To The Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton

The Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton is a place for everyone, regardless of background or experience, to learn and practice the ancient teachings of the Buddha. You will discover a like-minded community of people who are interested in finding happiness that is not based on endless consuming and accumulating more and more things. By learning and practicing the teachings of the Buddha, you will gain a peace and happiness that is not tied to the ups and downs of ordinary life.

Here in Acton, the Centre is led by monks ordained and trained in the oldest tradition of Buddhism, Theravada. Through their guidance we are able to provide many opportunities for you to learn all of the Buddha’s teachings of mindfulness, meditation, morality, and generosity. We have several meditation activities as well as other chances to learn the teachings.

Our Vission

As we are a Buddhist organization our aim is to help people to develop spiritually that provides true happiness and wisdom, by learning and studying the sublime teachings of the Gauthama Supreme Buddha.

Our Mission

Our Values

  • Teaching people how to develop good qualities such as generosity, virtue, concentration.
  • Advice people to do Good Karma which brings us good results.
  • Guiding the comunity to take care of one’s and other selves.

Charity Details

Charity Registered Name: Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton
Charity Registration Number: 806161329RR0001
Address: 148 Main Street South, Acton, ON L7J 1X9

How our charity works

We provide services for the well being of society by guiding people, organizing meditation classes, food and money donations to food banks, and organizing blood donations. We provide all services free of charge. This is made possible through the generosity of our supporters. They contribute financially as well as offering food and household items. If you would like to contribute financially to our work and for the maintenance of the monastery or offering food and household items, it will help to continue our services and be greatly appreciated.


Compassion / Loving-Kindness / Generous 

Humanitarian Projects

At the Buddha Meditation Center of Halton, we organize and help with multiple projects to those in need, including running blood drives, soup kitchens, food drives and more. As disciples of the Supreme Buddha, who spread loving kindness to all beings, our goal is to give and help with a heart filled with boundless compassion to those individuals facing difficult times.


More About Us

Our Founder

Our headquarters 

Grand Temple of The Gautama Buddha