About Mahamevnawa

Here the Buddha’s teachings are presented in simple language and style that is easy for everyone to understand. The uniqueness of Mahanevnawa is the effort to bring the Supreme Dhamma to the devotees in its original form. Consequently, both young and old devotees listen to Dhamma and practice virtue, concentration and wisdom to realize the Four Noble Truths revealed by the Supreme Buddha. Presently there are more than 800 disciple monks, more than 100 disciple nuns, and thousands of lay disciples practicing Dhamma at Mahamevnawa Monasteries around the world. Currently there are more than 70 Sri Lankan and 25 international branches including in Canada, United States, England, Germany, Australia, India and Dubai. Within these years, Mahamevnawa became one of the leading Buddhist organizations spreading the teachings of the Buddha.


Mahamevanawa Buddhist Monastery was established to benefit the spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of Buddha. Founded in 1999 in Sri Lanka by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero, its sole purpose is to spread the original teachings of the Buddha. The monastery is a warm and welcoming place for everyone to investigate true happiness through Dhamma and meditation.

Compassion towards the community

  • Blood donation campaigns.
  • Aid programs for victims of natural disasters.
  • Free medical and channel services.
  • Donating Dhamma books for temples, schools, libraries etc.
  • Education Scholarships for students.
  • Health improvement projects.
  • Donating water filtering and treatment machines to reduce the kidney related diseases. And more>>>


Headquarters in Polgahawela

Our main monastery is outside the town of Polgahawela. This is where monk’s trainings begin. The monastic quarters are geographically separated from the public areas so there is a peaceful environment for meditation.

Spiritual Community

Fulfilling the Buddha’s wish that all of his disciples—monks, nuns, lay men, and lay women—are able to proclaim the pure Dhamma,we provide the opportunity for everyone to come together to learn the Dhamma

Monuments of Faith

To provide protection for the sacred bone and hair relics that have been given to our monasteries, we have built many stupas that serve as a focal point for reflection on the qualities of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

Continuing a Heritage of Spiritual Art

Even a brief look at the Mahamevnawa monasteries in Sri Lanka reveals deep ties to the long heritage of spiritual art in Buddhism. Being surrounded by the images that represent the deep goals of the Buddha’s path helps to remind the viewer of the reality of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

Our Publications

Mahamevnawa Monastery ha​s​ produced many teachings in print format​ and cd dvd. Most of the books written by Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero are in Sinhala language. You also can find English translations of lots of Mahamevnawa publications on Amazon.ca

Become a Monk or Nun

If you would like to become a Buddhist monk or nun visit >>>